The likely gross domestic product growth rate of 6.8 percent and improved business climate are among the highlights of Vietnam’s economy in 2018, experts said.

Economic experts said the country’s GDP this year is likely to expand by 6.8 percent – a pace even faster than China’s, while credit growth has slowed and bad debt has declined, showing investment in society has become more effective.

Another highlight is the improved investment environment, recognised by both domestic and foreign enterprises.

Additionally, Vietnam remains a destination for foreign investment and tourists, and the country has been an active player in investing overseas and integrating into the global economy.

Another positive sign is that average registered capital per company hit more than 437,600 USD, up 4.1 percent from a year earlier.

However, Vietnam still has problems in administrative reforms, overspending and waste of State funds, high public debt, slow restructuring of State-owned enterprises and incomplete e-Government building.-VNA