National Market Watch forces declared more than 28,380 violations and collected fines totalling 67.7 billion VND (3.2 million USD) in the first four months of this year.

This followed checks on about 58,400 cases.

The sale of seized products and collected tax added nearly 33.6 billion VND (1.6 million USD) and 354 million VND (17,000 USD), respectively, to the State's budget.

The violations mostly involved trade in smuggled, fake or substandard products, business fraud and price violations. Notably, market watchers seized nearly 50,000 bottles of milk, most of which were illegally imported, out of date or carrying vague labels of origin and quality.

Hanoi Market Watch handled 18 cases relating to smuggled and mislabelled electric bicycles. It is reported that the bicycles were imported for 2-3 million VND (95-143 USD) but sold at 10 million VND.

Vice head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Market Watch Department Do Thanh Lam said on May 7 that more drastic measures will be taken to curb violations, especially those related to essential products such as fuel, fertilisers and milk.-VNA