For many shrimp farmers, the profit of billions of VND is not a small number, especially at this time when the economic situation is affected by the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic.

But that is the case of Mr. Nguyen Truong Dai who owns a shrimp farm in Nhan Trach district, Dong Nai province. This year he still earns billions of dong. This is an outstanding result, achieved by the application of science and technology to shrimp production.

Getting results like that is not an easy thing. In the past, Mr. Dai used to do shrimp farming according to the “traditional model”. Shrimp yield was insignificant, diseases were constant. After that, he borrowed a large amount of money and learn new farming methods that match with clean food standards that the market is favoring.

When asked about his determination to pursue his dream despite the initial difficulties, Mr. Dai's answer surprised us very much.

"You have to work hard and do your best in this particular agriculture section. If I stick to this job without abandoning it too soon, it will bring me a lot of profit. This job changed the wealth of my family. We are like a small society. Family is like a small society. A good family economy will contribute good things to the whole economy."