The Mekong Delta generated 850 million USD in aquatic and rice exports in January, equal to 8.3 percent of the annual target and 75.2 percent of the region’s total export revenue, according to Can Tho city’s Statistics Office.

The region looks to garner around 10.2 billion USD from the export of the two products alone this year. It currently uses 800,000 hectares of water surface for aquaculture and 4.2 million hectares of land for rice cultivation.

The aquaculture products industry targets an output of 3.7 million tonnes to meet the demand of 198 local processing plants, and rice farmers intend to ensure 80 percent of their crops are considered high-quality rice.

Mekong Delta localities will also increase the quality of trade promotion activities by assisting businesses to conduct market surveys and advertise their products in Asian, African, Oceania, European and North American countries.

Enterprises will be provided with global experience in risk management during the import-export process and applying special financial conditions.

They will also be provided with 56 billion VND (2.63 million USD) in loans to invest in technological renovation, production scale expansion, and process industry restructuring to improve their market competitiveness.

Last year, regional localities boosted trade promotion activities in many Asian, European and North American nations, while improving the production of high-quality rice for export to particular markets like Japan, the EU, the US, Singapore, and Australia.

The region’s aquatic products and rice exports were valued at 8.9 billion USD in 2014, an increase of nearly 700 million USD from the previous year.-VNA