Vietnam is an extremely popular destination for Cambodian tourists, with the number of visitors to the country rising by nearly 30 percent annually, reports the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism.

The ministry said that nearly 420,000 Cambodians had visited Vietnam last year alone.

At the same time, according to the Cambodian Minister of Tourism Thong Khon, the number of Vietnamese tourists that head for Cambodia is growing by almost 18 percent a year.

He said that more than 600,000 Vietnamese visited Cambodia last year, 21 percent of all foreign visitors to the country. Their most favourite spot is Angkor Watt, the world famous historic landmark.

Vietnam and Cambodia are in an excellent position to develop their tourist industries in conjunction with each other, by offering cheaper tours and more comfortable ways of travelling. There are already dozens of flights and hundreds of buses shuttling to and fro the two countries every day but this could be improved.-VNA