Vietnamese durians have made a name for themselves among Chinese consumers for their taste, but prices are one-third of Thai and Malaysian durians.

According to industry insiders, Vietnamese enterprises lag behind their regional rivals in terms of packaging.

In shipping some 1.2 million tonnes of durian to China, Vietnam is currently the second-largest exporter of the fruit to the country, following Thailand, with 1.3 million tonnes. In a bid to gain a competitive edge in the market, Vietnamese exporters are urged to pay due regard to improving their packaging.

Vietnamese authorities said that following the export of the first batch of durians, the industry should be put under closer scrutiny, especially plantation areas that are qualified for official exports.

China is increasing its imports of durians, with spending accounting for some 20 percent of the world’s total. Vietnamese enterprises have a great opportunity to expand their market share, but need to resolve issues regarding quality, prices, and brand positioning./.