Petrol prices increase by 300 VND per litre hinh anh 1A staff sells fuel for a customer at a Petrolimex filling station (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The price of bio-fuel E5 increased by 300 VND per litre, while that of diesel 0.05S increased slightly by 383 VND per litre during the latest regular adjustment of petrol and oil prices on September 6.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) announced that the prices of E5 are not higher than 19,911 VND per litre, and those of diesel 0.05S should not be higher than 18,069 VND per litre.

The prices of 180CTS kerosene and 3.5S fuel oil (FO) are not more than 16,559 VND per litre and 14,916 VND per litre, up 296 VND and 173 VND per kilogramme, respectively.

Meanwhile, the cost of ethanol E100 which is used to produce E5 petrol stood at 14,874 VND per litre before tax.

The changes took effect from 3pm on September 6.

The MoIT and MoF co-review fuel prices every 15 days to adjust prices in accordance with fluctuations on the world market.

According to the MoIT, global prices of petrol and oil have increased sharply of late. The price for RON92, which is the base for the production of E5 petrol, stood at 85.005 USD per barrel in the 15-day period prior to September 6, up by 3.220 USD.

Additionally, RON95 was sold at 87.258 USD per barrel, up 2.926 USD. The price of diesel 0.05S also went up to 91.328 USD per barrel, while those of kerosene and FO 180CST 3.5S rose to 89.954 USD per barrel and 451.279 USD per tonne, respectively.

The petrol price stabilisation fund has been used constantly in recent times to mitigate the impact of rising global prices and contribute to curbing inflation.

This time, subsidies for E5 RON92 are 1,563 VND per litre (previously 1,272 VND per litre), 960 VND per litre for RON95 (previously 697 VND per litre), as well as 400 VND per litre for diesel and 300 VND per litre for kerosene, which received no subsidy in the previous adjustment. –VNA