The Ministry of Public Security launched the Police Department for Smuggling Criminal Prevention and Control (C47) under the General Police Department on June 10.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang said the formation of the department is designed to mobilise forces and equipment to enhance the efficiency of combating smuggling, ensuring order and security, and better enforcing laws and policies on socio-economic development.

He asked the C47 to promptly become operational, control the situation and give advice to all levels of government on measures and solutions to deal with smuggling, trade fraud, fake commodities and copyright infringements.

The department should also focus on eliminating smuggling organisations and fake commodity manufacturing hotspots, he requested.

The minister also directed the C47 to collaborate closely with other authorised agencies; the Border Guard; Coast Guard; and tax, customs and market management forces and localities while expanding international cooperation.-VNA