After ST25 won the title of the best rice in the world, it becomes positive news for Vietnam agriculture.

ST25 is a type of rice that is very sweet and smooth creating a flavor that easily attracts the taste.

This new product not only promotes Vietnamese rice in the international market, but it is also a motive for the farmers and entrepreneurs to invest in manufacturing high-quality rice in the integration time.

Especially when there is an increase in demand worldwide creates many big opportunities for Vietnam.

But it also creates many challenges. If we want Vietnamese rice to compete in the market besides the brand reputation, we have to earn customers' trust. It can only be achieved if we can maintain quality control and quality seeds.

Building a brand for Vietnamese rice is a long road especially when many trade deals were signed, creating many criteria and expectations for the products.

After successfully create a brand reputation, we must maintain and protect Vietnamese rice together, so it can rise./.