Samsung suppliers triple hinh anh 1  The number of tier-1 Vietnamese vendors joining Samsung's supply chain has tripled from 4 to 12 last year. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – The number of tier-1 Vietnamese vendors joining Samsung’s supply chain has tripled from 4 to 12 last year, attendees at a workshop and exhibition heard.

The workshop, titled ‘Connecting Vietnamese Enterprises with Global Supply Chain’, aims to continue seeking component vendors for Samsung as well as discussing solutions to improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese hi-tech component manufacturing enterprises.

Currently, there are 178 Vietnamese enterprises supplying Samsung as tier-2 vendors, taking the total number of Vietnamese enterprises joining Samsung’s supply chain to 190.

Among them are six local enterprises which are tier-1 vendors along with 155 tier-2 vendors supplying Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen. For the Samsung Electronic HCM City project, there are 6 tier-1 vendors and 23 tier-2 vendors.

“Our constant efforts to ensure Samsung works in close cooperation with government authorities has evoked positive results,” Nguyen Cam Tu, deputy minister, said.

Tu said the number of Vietnamese enterprises joining Samsung’s supply chain as tier-1 vendors has increased from 4 to 12. Following previous successes, this year workshop and exhibition was held to announce more opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to exchange experiences in an effort to improve competitiveness in component manufacturing.

“Vietnamese enterprises should seize the opportunity to join the global supply chain by connecting with FDI enterprises operating in Vietnam such as Samsung,” he added.

“We found that Vietnamese enterprises really have the potential and capability. In the future, Samsung will continue to cooperate with the Vietnamese government to conduct more counselling sessions and training courses to improve the capability of local enterprises,” Han Myoungsup, President of Samsung Complex Vietnam, said.

He said that they were hopeful of offering more opportunities for enterprises to join their supply chain, and help Samsung to enhance global competitiveness as well as consolidate our long-term development in Vietnam.

He emphasised that any enterprise that meets Samsung’s criteria in quality-due delivery-price has the opportunity to become Samsung’s vendor. He also asked Vietnamese firms to pay more attention to developing technical human resources and product quality management to meet the criteria of a global supplier. This is also a part of Samsung’s counselling programme for potential enterprises.

The workshop and exhibition attracted over 400 people, including representatives from governmental authorities and over 250 Vietnamese enterprises. The event also drew significant attention for the display area of 22 Samsung’s tier-1 vendors in Vietnam and showcases of 7 Vietnamese enterprises which outstandingly completed the pilot consulting phase.

The workshop and exhibition discussed government strategy and solutions to develop the support industry – a key factor to quickly and sustainably develop Vietnam’s major industries.-VNA