SEA Games 31: Body-builder Kim Loan confident ahead of her first ever SEA Games competition hinh anh 1Female bodybuilder Dinh Kim Loan (Photo:
Hanoi (VNA)Female bodybuilder Dinh Kim Loan is confident ahead of the 31st Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games 31), which is the first SEA Games she will participate in. 

Loan recalled that she and many female colleagues used to be jealous with their male peers because previous events did not include bodybuilding competitions for women.

Therefore, Loan has not competed in any SEA Games before, even though she has attended several Asian and world tournaments.
“For this reason, I am eager to go to SEA Games 31 to show off my skills and conquer the champion title,” Loan said.

She went on to say that it will be a memorable SEA Games event for her because it is the first for her, and furthermore, she is competing on the home ground. 

About her rivals at SEA Games 31, Loan said everyone has the same opportunity for the top position. At SEA Games 31, there will be no weight category, so all competitors will have their own disadvantage, she said.

“But above all, with concentration and thorough preparation, I am quite confident ahead of the competition,” Loan said.

She is among gold medal hopefuls of the Vietnamese sport delegation to the 31st Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games 31).

“Few athletes have the chances to attend a SEA Games on the home ground, so I treasure the chance,” Loan said, noting that the coaching staff also have high expectations for the athletes.

“We are waiting for the moment we can display our full capabilities,” the female bodybuilder said./.