On April 17 the German company Siemens-Vietnam held a seminar to present its latest wind power technologies.

The event attracted almost 50 representatives from companies and large corporations from Vietnam ’s power generating industry.

At the seminar , Siemens specialists from Denmark and Singapore introduced the new products and the company’s most advanced technologies used to harness wind power .

They also discussed the selection of sites , wind directions , ways of conveying power, maintenance methods and financial issues for wind power projects in Vietnam .

According to Erdal Elver , the President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens in Vietnam, by the end of 2011, Siemens will have supplied and installed approximately 10,600 wind turbines, with the capacity to generate around 16,000 MW of electricity worldwide . This will reduce CO2 emissions by just over 25 million tonnes a year.

Siemens is currently one of the world’s leading electrical and electronics companies. It is hoping to start up several wind energy projects in Vietnam.-VNA