New Asia Investments, a Singapore-based investment firm, has invested 300,000 SGD (roughly 240,000 USD) into a joint venture to build a water treatment plant in Vietnam.

The joint venture between Nanyang Technological University (NTU)'s new start-up De.Mem and Vietnam company GD Wasser built the plant with an output of 1 million litres of drinking water daily.

The plant, recently launched in Duc Hoa district of Long An province near Ho Chi Minh City, supplies clean potable water at just two-thirds of current prices there.

According to the NTU, the plant is its first overseas water treatment plant. It is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and is unique because it requires just one person to operate.

The plant is linked wirelessly via an NTU-designed network back to the Singapore office, which will oversee and manage its daily operations.-VNA