Vietnamese workers owed back-pay by the Malaysian company Asmana havereceive their salary for February and overtime pay for January.

The 69 workers went to Malaysia under contracts with Asmana in June, 2010 to clean hospitals, buildings and public areas in Penang State, around 300km from Malaysia's capital of Kuala Lumpur. Their salaries ranged from 400-500 USD per month.

Since August, 2011, Asmana has failed to pay taxes and obtain visa extensions for the workers due to financial difficulties, effectively stranding them in Malaysia .

The payment was made on Mar. 29 in the witness of the Malaysian Labour Department, Penang State 's Labour Bureau and the Vietnamese Embassy.

The Penang State Immigration Agency affirmed that the case had been handed over to the Malaysian Judicial Agency.

The agency committed to closely work with the Vietnamese Embassy to ensure the legitimate interests of the Vietnamese workers.-VNA