Scientists, academics, business leaders and policy makers from Asian Pacific countries gathered in Hanoi on April 4 for a conference on how to create a green economy to ensure sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.

The participants focused their discussions on climate change and managing the ocean ecology, with the community’s economic development at the heart of the matter.

Vietnam has many issues with its coastal waters, rivers and canals being eroded. The country is also concerned with environmental changes and the exhaustion of natural resources, all of which were tabled for discussion.

The Vietnamese participants said that Vietnam has been granting certificates to farmers in the Mekong Delta for protecting the marine ecology since 2008.

Meanwhile, Thai delegates emphasised the need to raise the public’s awareness and increase investment to develop technologies that can produce renewable energies, which will save the country’s resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is essential to zone off enough land to grow trees sas well as an infrastructure up to international environmental standards, they said.

During the conference, Vietnam received valuable advice on technical and financial matters to cope with climate change.-VNA