A top company in Vietnam has built a ventilator production line to help the country dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic cause by the novel coronavirus.

From now on, Vietnam will be able to produce and equip ventilators by itself. The company also have a chance to export its ventilators to other markets outside Vietnam.

The "Made in Vietnam" ventilators have been certified by Ministry of Health (MOH) so they can be sold on the domestic market.

This is the first Vietnamese-made ventilator that meets all the requirements of MOH. About 70% of all components inside the ventilator were made by Vietnam companies.

The companies cooperated with partners from abroad to produce all the necessary parts. The ventilator passed all the independent quality tests under a supervising board with members are top industry experts./.

Under their review, first Vietnamese-made ventilator has the same features and quality like imported products. It also met all the requirements to use domestically and to export abroad.