Thai parliament sets up committee to study Constitution change hinh anh 1Members of the Senate attend a meeting at Parliament in Bangkok, Thailand  (Source: AP)


Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand’s parliament on September 24 decided to suspend a vote on the six motions seeking to amend the Constitution and set up a joint committee to study the motions.

The joint vote by the members of the House of Representatives and Senate was 431 in favour of halting the vote and 255 opposed, while they voted 432-255 to set up a committee to study the motions.

The committee to examine the proposed amendments will consist of 45 members – 15 senators and 30 MPs from the opposition and ruling coalition parties. Pheu Thai and Move Forward refused to nominate members from their parties.

As a result, 15 senators and 27 MPs in the ruling coalition were selected for the committee.

The parliament will take a one-month break and if the motions for constitutional amendments are rejected in the next meeting of the parliament from November to February 2021, they will have to wait eight months later to be re-submitted.

About 1,000 protesters gathered outside the parliament to press their demand for constitutional change on the day./.