Vietjet reports positive performance in 2020 hinh anh 1A plane of Vietjet. The audited revenue of the carrier’s parent company in 2020 is reported at 15,203 billion VND (Photo: Vietjet)
Hanoi (VNA) - Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company (HOSE: VJC) has released its audited annual financial statements for the year 2020.

The audited revenue of Vietjet’s parent company in 2020 was reported at 15,203 billion VND (approx. 657.9 million USD). Its consolidated revenue and post-tax profit after audit were 18,220 billion VND (approx. 788.4 million USD) and 69 billion VND (approx. 2.99 million USD) respectively.

Regarding earnings by sector, Vietjet recorded a loss of 1,453 billion VND (approx. 62.9 million USD) in air transport, remarkably lower by 31 percent than those previously reported in its own financial statements.

It has made Vietjet among few airlines in the world being able to keep their core business afloat and turning a profit in 2020.

Vietjet’s total assets reached 45,197 billion VND (approx. 1.96 billion USD) while its owner equity was at 17,325 billion VND (approx. 749.7 million USD) including treasury shares.  Its debt-to-equity ratio stayed as low as 0.66 while the liquidity ratio remained at 1.28, which is considered a good performance in aviation industry.

Vietjet has made drastic cuts to operating expenses by optimizing fleet operations with a 50 percent cost reduction, negotiating a 20 percent – 25 percent discounts with suppliers while bringing down at least 10 percent of daily operating costs. The airline also successfully hedged jet fuel which helped save 25 percent of fuel costs compared to buying at market price.

The airline was the first one in Vietnam being approved to deploy cargo operations in the passenger cabin (CIPC) in 2020. By optimising freight capacity and expanding the international network, Vietjet has since delivered more than 60,000 tons of cargo on nearly 1,200 international flights during 2020. Thanks to its outstanding cargo transportation, Vietjet has won the “Belly carrier of the year” and the “Low-cost carrier of the year” awards by cargo magazine Payload Asia.

The year 2020 also marked the launch of Vietjet Ground Services Center (VJGS) at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi last year. It has helped the airline greatly improve its services quality while slashing costs of outsourcing.

Vietjet has reported very positive operating indexes last year, for example its load factor was at over 80 percent while on-time performance rate stayed at a global high 90 percent. Vietjet’s technical reliability rate stood at 99.64 percent and received the highest safety ranking of 7 stars. It was also listed in the top 10 safest and best low-cost airlines in the world in 2020 by Airlineratings.

The airline has further invested in the aircraft maintenance system and sustained training for pilots and cabin crew to meet the highest demand of the domestic market while being on standby for the resumption of international flights.

The Vietjet Aviation Academy (VJAA) has stayed open throughout 2020, offering a total of 47,386 training hours for employees of all units, of whom many attended online classes for the sake of social distancing.

VJAA plans to kick off a series of technical and physical infrastructure projects in 2021, including installing a new flight simulator (SIM) to make VJAA an aviation training center at regional level.

According to the carrier, the domestic market now has been back in full swing, even surpassing the 2019 level. Vietjet projects a recovery of international market in the fourth quarter of 2021 as the Government is expected to keep its tax and fee reliefs while considering possible financial assistance and loan interest deduction for the airlines in the coming time.

Vietjet has so far resumed its entire domestic network and even opened more new routes in 2020. Putting customers at the centre of business, Vietjet will kick-off a comprehensive digital transformation which will apply a technology touch onto every service available in 2021.

Apart from air transport business, Vietjet has expanded its investments in aviation services, financial investments and many projects to ensure its business strategy is done effectively and sustainably./.