Vietnam has many times affirmed that its businesses do not dump tra and basa fish as well as other seafood products in the US market, said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Hai Binh.

Binh made the affirmation in Hanoi on April 3 while responding to reporters’ questions on Vietnam’s response to the US Department of Commerce (DOC)’s recent announcement of its final decision on the ninth results of its administrative review (POR9) for anti-dumping duties on tra fish fillets imported from Vietnam.

“We think that issues in the two countries’ trade relations should be considered in a fair and objective manner in line with the spirit of trade liberalisation as well as the developing bilateral economic-trade ties,” he stated.

Under the DOC’s decision, announced on March 31, Vietnamese frozen tra fish fillets exported to the US are still subjected to anti-dumping taxes, although they are lower than those announced in the preliminary POR9 issued last September.

Accordingly, the anti-dumping duties on products of two mandatory reviewed companies, Vinh Hoan and Hung Vuong, are 0.03 USD per kilo and 1.2 USD per kilo respectively, and for other companies it is 0.42 USD per kilo.-VNA