Vietnam reiterates its support for the right of the people of Cuba to choose their path of development as well as for the ending of the US embargo against the country.

The statement was made by Vietnamese Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Permanent Representative of Vietnam at the 68 th session of the UN General Assembly under Agenda Item 40 “The necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the US against Cuba ” in New York on October 29.

Following is the full text of his statement.

“Mr. President,
As it is my first address to this Sixty-eighth Session, I would like to congratulate you on your election as President of the General Assembly. I am convinced that with your vast skills and experience, you will lead this important Session of the General Assembly to a successful outcome.
My delegation associates itself with the statement made by the distinguished representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement and Fiji on behalf of G77 and China .

Mr. President,
For many consecutive sessions now, the membership of the United Nations have seriously and substantively discussed the absolute necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against the Republic of Cuba.

Their common view is that the issue has significant, wider implications for international relations and the basic principles stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations. Member States have overwhelmingly stated their strong protest against the embargo and urgent call for its end.

Vietnam is again joining the international community and voting in favor of draft Resolution A/68/L6 to be introduced by H.E. Mr. Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

In doing so, Vietnam entirely shares the view that the unilateral embargo unilaterally imposed by the United States is at variance with the purposes of the United Nations and constitutes a violation of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and international law. These include sovereign equality, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, right of self-determination and peaceful co-existence and freedom of trade. It is very much a case about upholding the rule of law at the international level.

We again would like to particularly stress the need for dialogue and negotiations to settle differences or even disputes among States. This has proven to be essential to the strengthening of peace and security in Latin America and the Caribbean . It is essential for peace, security and normal international interactions in other parts of the world and for enhancing international co-operation as the international community is faced with so many challenges. In this regard, we welcome the call and proposal by the Government of Cuba discuss with the United States the differences and issues of mutual interests.

The embargo has obviously caused enormous damage to the socio-economic development of Cuba and the life of the country’s people, especially women and children. For all the numerous and updated reports about negative impact of the embargo, the human suffering should undoubtedly be immeasurable. It is an encroachment upon human rights. It is also one of the obstacles that need to be removed in the promotion of the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, reduction of poverty and advancement of sustainable development in the post-2015 period. It is very pertinent to the theme of this UNGA Session, namely

“The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Setting the Stage.”
For the fore-going, Vietnam calls on the United States , in the implementation of the United Nations resolutions, to lift the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba .

My delegation wishes to take this opportunity to reiterate Vietnam ’s support for the right of the people of Cuba to choose their path of development. We appreciate the significant achievements that the Government and people of Cuba have obtained in many areas in spite of the numerous challenges. We welcome their active contribution to international co-operation in the region and the world to promote friendly relations among countries and in the resolution of issues related to socio-economic development.

Vietnam fully subscribes to the contents of the draft Resolution before us and again urges their implementation after the draft is adopted.
I thank you for your kind attention”.-VNA