Two-way trade between Vietnam and Brazil is expected to hit 3 billion USD this year if they keep up the momentum.

The Brazilian enterprises are hopeful about the business climate in their country, with more and more pouring money into production. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese economy is rebounding and seeing an appetite for imports.

Their January – February trade figure was over 490 million USD, up 122 percent year-on-year. Nearly 215.5 million USD of this came from Vietnam’s exports, up 52.9 percent, while its imports also jumped 244 percent.

Vietnam’s export items that recorded higher growth than in 2013 included mobile phones and spare parts, that brought home over 65.3 million USD, up 594 percent. They were followed by seafood, computers, electronics, garments and rubber.

Its main imports for domestic production were corn, footwear and garment materials, animal feed, wood and wooden furniture.

To extend its commercial reach, Vietnam has been advised to hold at least five trade promotion workshops in five Brazilian states, drawing over 150 firms from the two nations.-VNA