The Hanoi Dance Fest 2019 will take place from June 28 to 30th at the Youth Theatre, Hanoi. It will bring Vietnamese artists together with international choreographers to create the most stunning performances for the audience. 

This art event is organized by the Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theater in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and French Cultural Center in Hanoi.

Representatives of the organizers said, with Hanoi Dance Fest, the first generation of talented young choreographers under 34 years of Vietnam, converging with foreign choreographers on an international dance stage.

The minimalism and newness in contemporary dance language are portrayed through the work, in order to express the problems of today's life, such as the message of love and tolerance.

The Hanoi Dance Fest aims to create a playground for talented young choreographers, encourage new ideas as well as multidisciplinary collaborations among choreography in the country and internationally. In addition, the event is also an opportunity for Vietnamese audiences to explore and discover the aesthetic values that are portrayed through contemporary dance.