The mobile device market has been growing at a rapid rate in recent years with more and more people using smartphones, the English language news portal VietNamNet Bridge.

According to the news portal, a report showed that games are the most popular mobile apps, while the number of games is five times higher than other apps.

Many Vietnamese mobile content firms have decided to start their business by developing games.

Vietnam ranks 17th in the world and the fourth in Asia in mobile internet usage level. The figures show the great potential of the Vietnamese mobile game market, where small successes are enough to bring big revenue to startups.

The mobile game market is valued at 500 billion VND per annum and the figure continues to rise.

Analysts say the profits are satisfactory, especially for startups. Online game distributors can expect revenue of 10 USD per user for MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Meanwhile, Card Battle and SLG can bring turnover of 6 USD and 5 USD per user, respectively.

Developing games on iOS has also been a priority for game firms, which realised that 60 percent of mobile game revenue comes from the iOS operating system.

In general, internet-based products have an international market, and so do mobile games.

Many Vietnamese games developed by Dvmob, Tofu Games, B-gate, Joy Entertainment, M.D, Colorbox, Emobi Games, ZoyGame and Weplay are popular on Apple Store or Google Play.

Flappy Bird, Freaking Math, Ninja Revenge and School Cheater are the most popular games recently.

Vietnam-made games have been exported to many countries, including China, which is a powerful game developer.

Lacking money to develop their ideas is believed to be the only weak point of Vietnamese game developers.

Some young Vietnamese game developers, who attended an online game development workshop few days ago, complained that they were facing big difficulties in calling for investment to develop their ideas.

They have been advised to cooperate with game distributors. The success of Flappy Bird, a Vietnam-developed mobile game, in the world market has changed investors’ and distributors’ thoughts about the Vietnam’s mobile game industry development potentials.

Some game distributors have stated they are willing to support game studios to develop their games, from providing loans to distributing products.

Many game products have been brought into the world thanks to the cooperation. Emobi Games, for example, created “Dai Minh Chu” under cooperation with Soha Game, a distributor, while Joy Entertainment created “Chien Binh CS” under cooperation with CMN Online.-VNA