Vietnamese snail noodle soup has become an indispensable dish on the menu of Hanoians and visitors for a long time. This dish’s both ingredients and spices are simple to prepare.

There are three most important factors to cook a bowl of tasty snail noodle soup. They are fatty snails, aromatic wine vinegar and strong broth. Additionally, there are also other factors such as tangled noodle, raw vegetable, scallion, purple onion, tomato, paprika, a little shrimp sauce and pork bone.

The tip to cook the best snail noodle soup is using freshwater snail (Pila Polita) - a kind of snail that its shell having colors of blue and violet. The taste of delicious and crunchy snail mixed with the yellow wax on the snail’s body will make people want to eat more and more.

There are many versions of snail rice noodle soup, including cold snail noodle, hot snail noodle and crab paste mixed with snail noodle. Some families, who have resided abroad for several decades, will definitely go to eat snail noodle soup together if they have a chance to return to Hanoi.

It is the feeling of happy when sitting around the table and watching the cook’s hands to pour the broth, noodle and spice into the bowl of snail noodle soup. All of these things have created a special food of the over-thousand-year-old capital./.