A forum with the theme, ‘for the future of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK)’, was held in Hanoi on August 28, to mark the 20 th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The forum was organised by the Korea International Exchange Fund and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

As well as evaluating diplomatic ties between both countries in the past and their trade and investment cooperation, the forum also discussed cultural exchanges, which are beneficial for the people of both nations, especially as both countries are home to around 100,000 of each other’s citizens.

In addition to the above-mentioned event, the 7 th ASEAN-RoK Cooperation Forum will also take place on August 29-30, organised by the Asian Research Centre of the Seoul National University and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, to discuss RoK-ASEAN cooperation, immigration, labour, tourism and regional security.-VNA