Vietnam’s established contemporary fine arts, especially its unique lacquer art, are being introduced to art lovers in the UK for the first time within the framework of the on-going “2013 Ideas” festival at Cambridge University.

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum (VNFAM) brought to the event “Giong” (Saint Giong) by artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem at the invitation of the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology under Cambridge as part of activities to celebrate the 40 th anniversary of the Vietnam-UK diplomatic ties.

On this occasion, with the support of Prof. Dr. Susan Bayly from the renowned university, the VNFAM has given presentations on Vietnam’s contemporary fine arts and lacquer art in particular to visitors.

Prof. Dr. Susan Bayly has joined in the effort with her presentation on the preservation and promotion of Vietnam’s traditional cultural values through art works.

The event, from October 28 to November 2, is expected to contribute to deepening mutual understanding between the two peoples, especially helping British people gain a deeper insight into Vietnamese culture.-VNA