Hanoi (VNA) – Certain upholstered domestic seating originating from Vietnam and China now is subject to anti-dumping duties in Canada, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (TRAV).

Citing a preliminary determination of dumping released by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) earlier this week, the TRAV said provisional duties will be collected on the subject goods that are released from customs on or after May 5, 2021.

Estimated amount of subsidy has been decided to be 0 percent for seven Vietnamese manufacturers, including Delancey Street Furniture Vietnam, Timberland, Motomotion Vietnam, UE Vietnam, Vietnam Hang Phong Furniture, Wendelbo Interiors A/S and Wendelbo SEA, and 11.73 percent for all other exporters in the country.

The seven producers will receive separate anti-dumping duty rates ranging from 17.44 percent to 89.77 percent while all others get 101.5 percent.

The CBSA is requesting Vietnamese manufacturers to answer additional questions for the final determination.

The TRAV has urged the concerned exporters to keep a close watch on the case and fully cooperate with the CBSA during its investigation. They must also closely coordinate with the TRAV to receive timely support./.