Vinpearl One-member Ltd. Company, a subsidiary of Vingroup, has joined other organisations in an effort to protect endangered animals, the People’s Committee of central coastal Khanh Hoa province reported.

The company has implemented a number of measures to protect endangered marine species, including sea lions, seals, otters, sharks, and dolphins.

It has also invested in an action plan for the 2014-2017 period, in co-operation with the province’s Institute of Oceanography, to conserve dozens of other marine species in Khanh Hoa, contributing to conducting scientific research and increasing public awareness of marine conservation.

In 2014 alone, the company plans to invest 4.5 billion VND (214,000 USD) in this mission.

Currently, the 3,400 square metre aquarium at Vinpearl Land in Khanh Hoa is home to more than 300 endangered marine species, in a bid to protect and increase biological diversity.

Recently, a number of fish species were released from the facility into Nha Trang Bay.-VNA