WB aids Vietnam’s transport, flood control efforts hinh anh 1Illustrative photo (Source:Internet)
Hanoi (VNA) - The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank (WB) has recently approved more than 500 million USD in support for improvements to road and bridge connections as well as flood control and sanitation conditions in Vietnam.

A 385-million USD results-based operation called Local Bridge Construction and Road Asset Management will enhance road access and lower road users’ transport costs in participating provinces.

The project will provide 245.5 million USD for the reconstruction or construction of 2,174 small bridges to isolated and impoverished communities in 50 provinces across Vietnam along with 4.5 million USD in technical assistance for project completion.

It also includes 135 million USD for the rehabilitation of 676 kilometres and maintenance of 48,578 kilometres of local roads in 14 targeted provinces.

In addition, a flood risk and water management project worth 150 million USD will directly benefit inhabitants in flood-prone areas along the Phan River by strengthening flood risk management capacity and improving wastewater management in the northern province of Vinh Phuc.

The project will provide flood control infrastructure, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, and strengthen capacity in the province for flood forecasting and prevention.

It will protect more than 255,000 residents, or 60 percent in rural areas and 40 percent in urban areas and small towns, and about 5,720 hectares out of 8,390 frequently flooded hectares from the floods of ten year return period.

The project will also improve sanitation conditions for about 120,000 residents living in four towns and 33 rural villages, and support the province with the establishment of a flood early warning and emergency response system and a river basin management mechanism.-VNA