World Bank-funded projects have significantly contributed to central Quang Nam province’s education system, rural transport, afforestation, electricity and fresh water supply.

The outcomes were announced at a May 17 workshop to review the implementation of WB-funded projects in Quang Nam , one of the provinces benefiting most from the bank.

Since 2000, the locality has received 67 official development assistance (ODA) projects with a total capital of 377 million USD, of which 18 projects worth 139.8 million USD are sourced from the WB.

Thanks to the projects, an additional 50,000 people in Phu Ninh district have access to fresh water and 37 schools have received financial support, heard the workshop.

Nearly 7,000 households in the province have been involved in a tree planting project.

WB Country Director in Vietnam Victoria Kwakwa said the bank is funding 10 projects in Quang Nam with a total investment of 100 million USD.

She praised the locality’s performance in disbursement, especially projects to supply electricity and improve education and healthcare, as well as its efforts in managing resources.-VNA