The 2014 World Disasters Report will be announced in Hanoi on October 16 as chosen by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IRFC).

The report studies the impacts of disasters on culture and vice verse and how societies respond and adapt to climate change and improve post-disaster livelihood for residents.

Four Vietnamese and foreign speakers will make presentations at the launching event, Chairman of the Vietnam Red Cross (VRC) Nguyen Hai Duong said on October 10.

Vietnam is one of the countries most vulnerable to natural calamities, with 70 percent of the population to bear the brunt of disaster risks due to climate change impact.

The Vietnamese Government has been implementing adaptation measures such as introducing new legal documents, enhancing resilience capacity, and establishing a national programme on the community-based disaster risks management prior to 2020.

According to the Hydrometeorology and Climate Change Department, over the past 15 years, natural disasters, including storms, floods, droughts and landslides, have killed and injured more than 10,700 people, while causing economic losses of about 1.5 percent of GDP each year.-VNA