Tension mounted as the BAC2 mine clearance team continually found explosives in Hai An village in Hai Thai commune, Gio Linh district, in Quang Tri province. In just one morning, two 60mm and 40mm mortar shells were found. As the manager of Team BAC2 in particular and 300 other employees, Linh was present at the scene to direct the team to conduct clearance work.

Linh has 14 years of experience in the field with a desire to overcome the consequences of bombs and mines, reduce suffering, and make the land green once more. Living and working in an environment that is believed to be for men only, it is her commitment that inspires enthusiasm among other women in Quang Tri in particular and in Vietnam in general.

Linh attends many national and international events to share her experience in mine recovery. She acts as a bridge for the international community to better understand the pain caused by landmines to the people of Quang Tri and Vietnam, while at the same time contributing to spreading a message of peace in the world./.