Agriculture ministry proposes cutting 131 business conditions hinh anh 1There are many barriers in the agriculture sector that curb businesses’ operations. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA)
– The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has proposed cutting 131 business conditions in agriculture.

The ministry’s legal department said it is reviewing 33 lines of business and 345 business conditions in the direction of cutting or simplifying them.

Specifically, 131 out of 172 business conditions for animal health, animal feed, plant protection and quarantine, quality management of genetically modified products will be adjusted, supplemented or annulled. Many other business conditions prescribed in the laws on fisheries and forestry will also be considered for streamlining. In the future, the laws on cultivation and animal husbandry along with decrees guiding the implementation of these two laws will also be subject to revision.

 According to Dau Anh Tuan, head of the legal department of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is necessary to reduce business conditions across production sectors to create greater space for business development and improve the business and investment environment, thus attracting more investment.

Tran Van Thien from the Vietnam Veterinary Pharmaceutical Association said in fact, business conditions regulated in decrees do not pose big problems, instead it is the sub-licences put forth by guiding circulars that hinder businesses. He urged the MARD to review sub-law documents and learn from experience of related ministries and sectors to continue trimming regulations that cause difficulties to businesses.  

Dr Tran Anh Quan of the Institute for Machinery and Industrial Instruments (IMI) stressed that the reduction of business conditions will allow enterprises to save resources for their operation./.