Bac Giang moves to effectively combat corruption hinh anh 1The corruption, crimes and legal violations on corruption in Bac Giang still remain complicated, with many cases being of special public interest, especially violations related to land management. - Illustrative image (Photo: VGP News)
Bac Giang (VNA) – The northern province of Bac Giang will focus on addressing shortcomings and limitations to effectively carry out anti-corruption efforts, according to the provincial People's Committee.

Attention has been paid to reviewing and changing working positions of cadres, civil servants, and public employees in accordance with the 2023 plan to ensure objectivity, rationality, and suitability to their expertise and not affect the operations of agencies, organisations, and unit.

Bac Giang has also tightened administrative disciplines and regulations, and enhanced inspection and control for the execution of official duties by civil servants and public employees to prevent disruptive practices that inconvenience citizens and businesses.

It also publicise the process for handling administrative procedures so that people can supervise and control the behaviour of officials, civil servants and public employees in performing their duties.

To proactively detect and address corruption, local authorities have intensified inspections and urged the implementation of legal regulations related to anti-corruption linked with the performance of duties and responsibilities in various sectors, especially sensitive areas and those prone to negative practices and corruption.

Cases of violations, harassment, and corruption have been handled strictly, with the results publicised on mass media in line with regulations.

Relevant agencies have closely collaborated in monitoring the progress and outcomes of handling corruption cases.

The exchange of information between law enforcement agencies and administrative state bodies have been implemented effectively.

Additionally, Bac Giang has also rigorously and effectively implemented measures to recover misappropriated assets in corruption-related cases, focusing on recovering assets during the investigation process, and taking appropriate measures to prevent the concealment of corrupt assets.

In the first half of 2023, the corruption, crimes and legal violations on corruption in Bac Giang still remained complicated, with many cases being of special public interest, especially violations related to registration activities at vehicle registration centres; mineral resource management and exploitation; land management; acts of appropriating assets at non-state enterprises; and taking advantage of positions and power to gain personal profit at public agencies.

Investigation police agencies of the province have discovered and prosecuted many corruption cases, including two cases involving 11 defendants from units under the provincial Department of Transport and the two vehicle registration centres for the act of receiving bribery; five cases involving 11 defendants related to land management at the grassroots level; three cases with eight defendants who are employees of non-state enterprises for embezzlement.

In the reviewed period, the provincial inspection sector conducted 80 administrative inspections at state management and socio-economic management areas in 225 units; and 91 specialised inspections targeting 532 organisations and individuals.

Through the inspections, irregularities have been detected amounting to a total of over 16.3 billion VND (674,670 USD), with over 6.8 billion VND of which being recovered to the state budget.

The courts at the province and district levels have accepted 10 cases at first instance involving 14 defendants on corruption charges./.