Bodhisattva statue on mountain makes Tay Ninh worth-to-visit destination hinh anh 1The 72m-tall “Tay Bo Da Son” Bodhisattva statue, located at 986 metres above the sea level on Ba Den Mountain, Tay Ninh province, was made of more than 170 tonnes of bronze. (Photo: VNA)
Tay Ninh (VNA) - The Bodhisattva statue on the peak of Ba Den Mountain in the southern province of Tay Ninh is currently one of the emerging attractions for not only Buddhist followers but also travel lovers since the statue on the “roof of the southeastern region” is holding unique records and interesting facts.

This statue was made basing on one of the over 40 ancient Buddhist statues at Bo Da Son, a national relic site in the northern province of Bac Giang. Therefore, it is called “Tay Bo Da Son” (West Bo Da Son).

Situated at 986 metres above the sea level on the peak of Ba Den Mountain, the 72m-tall statue is the quintessence of religion, culture, and arts.

According to the statue creators, Bodhisattva statues in the past had relatively simple designs, and most of them are in sitting position and so not really suitable for an outdoor work on Ba Den Mountain. Meanwhile, the statues at the pagodas from the Le Dynasty feature bold lines and diverse patterns and are deeply imbued with the Vietnamese identity.

The uniqueness is that this work does not completely resemble any single statue but combines the best features in terms of clothing, headwear, jewelry, and patterns from many of the Le Dynasty. The current design both preserves the characteristics and spirit of Vietnam’s ancient Buddha statues and highlights the magnificence of a great Bodhisattva statue placed at a unique location like the peak of Ba Den Mountain.

Bodhisattva statue on mountain makes Tay Ninh worth-to-visit destination hinh anh 2Recognised as the tallest bronze Bodhisattva statue on mountain in Asia, “Tay Bo Da Son” has become a magnet for visitors to Ba Den Mountain. (Photo: VNA)
Made of more than 170 tonnes of bronze by using European technology, the standing statue comprises a lotus base, a five-storey pedestal, and the statue.

The shape of the statue’s headwear follows the style of those in the Le Dynasty and thus is unable to be mistaken for that of Chinese Buddha statues that can be seen in many places.

Artisan Nguyen Trong Hanh, who is in charge of the statue making project, said Tay Bo Da Son holds the essence of Vietnam’s Buddhist culture.

The headwear is engraved with the image of Amida Buddha, which is meant to honour the Buddha’s wisdom and mercifulness for the world.

The left hand holding a jar that pours out the elixir of life represents the action of dispensing blessings and saving living beings from misery and pain. Meanwhile, the right hand in the Karana Mudra gesture implies warding off evils.

According to folk belief, Bodhisattva is always an eternal symbol of wisdom, virtue, and immense humanity. It is said that once admiring the statue, visitors will feel like they are free of every sorrow.

The prominent statue in the midst of a breathtaking natural landscape with sunlight and wind on Ba Den and a seemingly endless plain nearby has even enhanced the beauty of the mountain dubbed the “roof of the southeastern region”.

Of its records, the Bodhisattva statue was recognised as the tallest bronze Bodhisattva statue on mountain in Asia by the Asia Book of Records and as the tallest bronze Bodhisattva statue in Vietnam by the Vietnam Records Organisation (VietKings).

Ba Den is one of the three mountains in the Ba Den Mountain relic and cultural complex. The two others are Phung (Phoenix) Mountain and Heo (Pig) Mountain.

Over the past years, this complex has become a popular destination for tourists from far and wide./.