Buyers warned about mediocre beauty products hinh anh 1Though authorities have increased the number of inspections and imposed strict penalties on violators, many continue to sell mediocre cosmetics. (Photo: VNA)

- Despite frequent warnings and penalties, the trading of mediocre cosmetics continues in many places, affecting consumer health.

This month the Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health suspended the circulation of two packages of Life linh chi New Today whitening cream and Yousee moisturiser, both from Bao Xinh Cosmetics Company in Hau Giang province’s Chau Thanh district.

The two products were distributed by a firm called Ngan Anh.

Test samples of the two products showed that the amounts of methylparaben and propylparaben were not consistent with what had been submitted to the relevant authority earlier.

Similarly, in June, the Drug Administration suspended the trading of four products that had low quality, including Magic Hair Serum, Navirento Feminine Foaming Wash, Jecogo Lice Hair Treatment, and Organic Cajeput Baby Wash.

The Magic Hair Serum is produced by Phuc Lam Pharmaceutical Company and distributed by Van Xuan Duong Pharmaceutical Company.

The product was banned from circulation because its description on the label did not match its real function.

In addition to production and distribution of mediocre cosmetics, many online firms have been found selling fake beauty products under the names of global brands such as Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl’s, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and 3CE, among others.

According to the L’Oreal Group in Vietnam, since fake products have the same packaging as their counterparts, consumers assume they are quality, authentic imports.

In HCM City, about 1,000 cases of sales of low-quality beauty products have been discovered since the beginning of this year.

Though authorities have increased the number of inspections and imposed strict penalties on violators, firms continue to sell mediocre cosmetics.
Many stalls in Ben Thanh, Ba Chieu and Ban Co markets display selections of beauty products from the US and the Republic of Korea without official brand labels or necessary information like expiry dates and others.

Some sets of products, including lipstick, foundation, whitening creams and sunscreens, cost only 350,000 VND (15.10 USD), about 10 times cheaper compared to an authentic set.

Authorities plan to strengthen inspection of cosmetics and work with local educators to raise public awareness about the unhealthy side of using mediocre beauty products.

Skin experts advise that locals should not only look at price and product labels but also the place of origin.

Ingredients in products that promise to deliver quick whitening results, for example, can contain corticoid and are detrimental to the skin.

Locals should only choose products that are from a trustworthy source./.