During the past five years, with a love of books and determination to develop a reading model in rural communes, young people have formed a community library in the outskirts of Hanoi. Duong Lieu library in Hoai Duc district is seen as a community cultural centre with many interactive activities for readers.


The community with more than 3,000 books titles attracts readers of all ages.

Nguyen Thi Ngan’s daughter has love for colourful books. Ngan often takes her there twice a week to explore interactive books.

Even though in such a compact area, people still can find the books they need thanks to the organisation of titles.

When coming to this library, readers can also chat with others to improve their communication and life skills.

Every week, experts in literature and publishing attend and share with readers about different topics. It may be an inspirational session about books, how to read and approach books or simply a talk about a really good book.

Phung Ba Hung, founder and library manager of Duong Lieu said the library will continue to expand interactive programmes with readers, as well as planning to increase library area, to serve increasing reading needs of local people, and develop this library model to neighbouring communes.

While reading culture is thriving it still faces competition from the internet and other modern entertainment. A community library like Duong Lieu has an important role in stimulating the love of books and reading culture of young people.-VNA