The 13 th World Conference of Historical Cities closed in the former imperial city of Hue on April 18 after adopting a six-point declaration.

Under the declaration, presented by Chairman of the Hue City People’s Committee Phan Trong Vinh, delegates agreed to cooperate to build a common rule for historical cities: “Respect the past and look towards the future” and take initiative in partnering with member cities to establish an information network serving the research of documents regarding the restoration of heritage values.

The declaration also emphasises efforts to preserve and promote cultural and historical values during the process of integration and modernisation, improve awareness of the public, especially young people, about cultural and historical values, map out plans and programmes in support of local and regional initiatives on the restoration and management of heritage values and involvement in relevant conferences.

With three forums and conferences, the three-day conference sought the common voice in dealing with urgent issues emerging in historical cities.

Ahmet Koru, President of the Konya city Youth Association of Turkey stressed that tourism is not a tool to earn money but to promote the culture of each country.

Entitled, "Defining Universal Heritage, Challenges and Solutions,” the biennial event drew representatives, academics and the mayors of 32 cities from 16 countries and territories around the world.-VNA