The delegates expressed their profound gratitude to the late President – the national liberation hero, who devoted his whole life and laid the ideological foundation to the Party’s revolutionary cause.

They vowed to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s path, and will strive to build a clean and strong Party, protect the nation, maintain peace and stability, and work to develop Vietnam into a modern industrial country soon.

The delegation then laid a wreath at the Monument to Heroes and Fallen Soldiers. 

After paying tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and laying a wreath at the Monument to Heroes and Fallen Soldiers, delegates to the 13th National Party Congress attended a preparatory session, during which they adopted working regulations of the congress.

The delegates elected the Presidium, the secretarial delegation and the delegate eligibility verification board of the congress.

 The congress’s working programme, election rules and a report on the eligibility of delegates were approved by the preparatory session.

 The 13th National Party Congress will officially open on January 26 and last until February 2, with the participation of 1,587 delegates representing more than 5.1 million Party members nationwide./.