Dong Nai (VNA) – The southern industrial hub of Dong Nai has formed 32 industrial parks (IP) with a total area of over 10,222 hectares, 31 of which have been operational with the occupancy reaching 81.93 percent, according to the Dong Nai IP Management Board.

Since the beginning of this year, 64.94 hectares of the local IPs have been rent, surpassing the target of 60 hectares, mostly in Giang Dien, An Phuoc, Loc An-Binh Son, Nhon Trach 6 and Dau Giay IPs.

Due to impact of COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors have faced difficulties, forcing them to reduce production scale and investment.

Over 18 million USD has been invested in infrastructure system in the IPs, raising the total investment in the system to nearly 674 million USD, basically completing the IP’s infrastructure.

Due to limited industrial land for lease, the board will prioritise projects with large investment, high rate of technology, and environment friendly.

Under a planning for IP development in 2020, Dong Nai will have 35 IPs covering 11,748 hectares. Three more IPs are expected to be developed, along with the expansion of a number of operational ones.

Following Dong Nai’s request, the PM has agreed to increase the IP area in the province to 2020 to 6,500 hectares./.