After the ferry full of tourists arrives at Con Chim, Mr. and Mrs. Ba hand out conical hats to each member of the group.

The story of Mr. and Mrs. Ba's tourism in Con Chim hamlet moved many tourists.

More than 40 years of working with rice cultivation and shrimp farming, but without success, Mr. and Mrs. Ba began to "shake hands" with tourism. Mr. Ba planted more than 200 coconut trees so that Mrs. Ba could use the leaves to make cakes. The income from tourism paid for renovations on the family home. And tourism is on the rise in this area.

The harmonious life among people and nature in Con Chim has grown into a core value of the community. All 11 attractions on Con Chim have combined community-based tourism with eco-tourism, bringing visitors back to their childhood memories and simple pleasures of Southern countryside life.

After more than two years of operation, Con Chim has attracted more than 22,000 visitors both at home and abroad. Revenue from tourism has helped the residents of Con Chim improve their income, helping the locality have more investment sources to develop rural infrastructure./.