On 18/6 in Bac Giang, Japanese experts coordinated with the Department of Plant Protection (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) to supervise and handle the first batch of lychee exported to the Japanese market.

After 5 years of negotiating to access to the Japanese market together with careful preparation of material areas according to the most rigorous standards, today lychee growers have actualized their goal of exporting fresh lychee to Japan.

The basic process of handling lychee to Japan includes preliminary, sterilization and packaging according to the specifications required by the importer. Especially, the entire disinfection equipment system is carefully inspected by Japanese experts at all stages, from the tightness of the disinfectant chamber to the calculation of disinfectant dosage and the ability to operate correctly.

During this year’s lychee crop, the Department of Plant Protection has set up 3 disinfection facilities similar to this system to handle fresh lychee exported to Japan.

Along with the technical system, the material area has also been prepared by the lychee growers according to the strictest standards with more than 100 hectares, the output is estimated at 600 tons./.