The French-Portuguese circus troupe O Ultimo Momento will present for the first time in Vietnam its new performance Ce qui Reste (What Remains) at the Vietnam Youth Theatre in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Drama Theatre on May 14 and 16, respectively.

Directed by Olivier Antoine, Ce qui Reste mixes dance, acrobatics, wood pole, music and video harmoniously.

It is inspired by a case study in American neurologist Oliver Sack's book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, described in one of the book's chapters, The Lost Mariner.

It tells the story about a man who loses his memory, and lives from one moment to the next with an inability to recall events.

O Ultimo Momento was founded in 2004 by Portuguese circus performer Joao Paulo Dos Santos and French musician Guillaume Dutrieux.

The company, based in France, travels regularly throughout Europe and also tours in Asia, North America and South Africa.

In 2008, O Ultimo Momento has performed at the Hue Festival and French Spring Festival in Hanoi.

O Ultimo Momento mainly focuses on the discipline of Chinese Mast, a specialty of Joao Paulo Dos Sants who is considered a forerunner in the field of local contemporary circuses.

The company has had three long-form creations, including Maybe (2005), Contigo (2006) and Throw up, created in 2010 and re-created in 2012 under the title Ce qui Reste (What Remains).-VNA