More than 10,000 low-income earners in Ho Chi Minh City are expected to have a flat of their own in 2015 thanks to the city’s plan to accelerate the implementation of social housing projects.

According to Do Phi Hung, Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Construction, the city strives to complete 13 resettlement projects, five social housing projects and campuses for workers and students.

In 2014, the city zoned off an additional 8.3 million sq.m of land for housing construction, raising the total area allocated for the purpose between 2011-2014 to 32.8 million sq.m.

In the reviewed period, the city completed 15 social housing projects, offering more than 2.440 apartments, and turned three commercial projects into social housing ones with 880 apartments.

It also built houses for 12,800 workers and 59,000 students on a total area of nearly 10,000 sq.m.-VNA