Hong Kong hopes to welcome more Vietnamese students

Hong Kong (China) recently continued to adjust its policy to attract talent, and the door is now wide open for students and highly-qualified workers, including Vietnamese, to study or work.

Dr Nguyen Hoang Long is a PhD student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduating from the King’s College Hospital in London, he chose to continue his academic path in Hong Kong (China) because of its strengths in education.

According to Long, Hong Kong has policies to attract high-quality students as well as good scholarship programmes. The number of international and Vietnamese students coming to Hong Kong has therefore increased in recent years.

Although many Vietnamese have chosen to study and work in Hong Kong, the two sides are still said to have not fully exploited the potential of cooperation in education and science.

Professor Yang Wang said, Hong Kong is strong in training in the fields of blockchain and digital economy, artificial intelligence, robotics, smart manufacturing, and biotechnology, while Vietnam has strong traditions in basic science, mathematics, and physics. These will be areas where the two sides can cooperate./.