Muong Phang is 30 km from the center of Dien Bien city, and sits 1,000 metres above sea level. The headquarters in the jungle still remain intact. For locals, it is a sacred forest they preserve. Over 66 years, the whole complex, including the shelters and tents, have been protected and kept unchanged.

The command post is surrounded by primary forests, and forest protection has been prioritized, especially during the dry season.

Muong Phang – the historical land is being preserved, conserved and promoted by the local government and ethnic minority groups. After more than 6 decades, the complex has been given a facelift and locals here are proud of their families’ contributions to the victory.

The historical relic site is well preserved and the socio-economic situation in Muong Phang has been lifted significantly, helping to improve the lives and cultural identities of ethnic minority people in the area./.