The Minister of Public Security, Tran Dai Quang, was challenged, for the first time, on an increase in foreign-related crime, at a hearing at the National Assembly on June 14.

Minister Quang said although 986 crimes were reported in the first six months of this year, down 2.6 percent on the same period last year, the situation was complicated by new types of serious level crime.

Quang said high-tech foreign criminals have emerged among foroeign traders recently.

The minister said foreigners used tourist visas to illegally get jobs at industrial and economic zones, construction works or factories. Some foreign traders cheated farmers by offering to purchase agricultural products at high prices, but failing to pay.

In terms of high-tech crime, Quang said the ministry has established a high-tech police force and discovered 332 foreign offenders related to information security and electronic payments.

The offenders, mostly from Thailand , mainland China and Taiwan , were expelled or returned to relevant authorities in their home countries.

The minister said this type of crime is a threat, proven by the number of attacks by hackers on domestic websites.

Quang admitted the information network of Vietnam remains loose and has many loopholes, but added that the ministry is working with the Ministry of Information to check violations on the Internet.

Explaining the increasing number of teenagers involved in serious or violent crimes, Quang said this was caused by moral decline among youths, the effects of violent online games, shortage of playgrounds for young people and loose management from families and schools.

The minister said mobile police had found many young people carrying weapons bought at local markets and shops.

In reply to questions about traffic police taking bribes, Quang said the problem could not be solved in a day.

The minister pledged the ministry will fight bribery and called for more assistance from the public about police violations.-VNA