Russian friend of Vietnam passes away hinh anh 1Irina Petrovna Karmanova (Source: VNA)

 Hanoi (VNA) - The Vietnamese community in Russia is mourning the passing of a great friend of Vietnam, Irina Petrovna Karmanova, who was former General Secretary of the Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association.

Upon hearing the news, Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Ngo Duc Manh sent a letter of condolences to her family on January 31.

The letter lamented the fact that the heart of an excellent activist, whose name was long associated with a historical period in the two countries' people-to-people diplomacy, has stopped beating.

Manh noted that Irina Petrovna spent years of her life dedicated to the development of Russia’s unshakeable amity with Vietnam. No matter the circumstances, as a member of the friendship association she put her mind towards fulfilling the mission of fortifying and expanding bilateral relations and cooperation, he added.

Her passing leaves behind a legacy of firm and loyal friendship and of sincere trust between the two peoples, the letter said, highlighting that Vietnamese will always be grateful for her efforts.

The  Central Committee of the Vietnam - Russia Friendship Association also cabled its condolences to the Chairman of the Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association, Vladimir Buyanov, and the deceased’s family.

Irina Petrovna was an active member of the Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association since 1973, working in particular to improve business cooperation with Vietnamese expatriates in Russia. Recognising her significant contributions, the Vietnamese State bestowed upon her a Friendship Order./.