It is crucial to speed up measures to build a smooth e-government system from central to local levels, stated Deputy Chairman of the Government Office Le Manh Ha at a conference in Ho Chi Minh City on July 22.

Ha noted that although localities have made efforts to apply information technology in State governance, progress has been carried out in an incoherent and unconnected manner.

The Government is determined to roll out measures for the successful building of the e-government in which information technology plays a prominent role in serving people and enterprises, thus enhancing the efficiency of State management, he stressed.

He asserted that openness and transparency is central to efficient State management, pointing to the need for stronger applications of IT in governance.

Currently, one of the areas requiring urgent IT application is healthcare, he held, calling on hospitals to use IT, especially in health insurance services.

During the conference, leaders of ministries and State agencies and IT experts offered ideas on the building of a smart city model with e-government holding a core role, the implementation of electronic healthcare services and setting up smart transport system.

Within the event framework, an exhibition was also held to introduce advanced IT solutions to improve communication infrastructure and databases.-VNA