Underground scanning system to be installed at airport hinh anh 1Hand baggage is scanned at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
(Source: VNA)
HCM City (VNA) - HCM City Customs Department will soon deploy an underground scanning system for luggage at Tan San Nhat International Airport to facilitate entry of passengers and minimise time spent on procedures.

The deployment of underground scanning will allow all registered baggage of passengers that are entering to be checked via scanner without disassembly and damage.

If the scanner detects luggage with suspicious items, it will continuously be monitored throughout the time it move in the underground system until the procedures stage. When passengers receive the baggage, they will be directed to the inspection area and customs declaration for further execution.

Only those passengers who are believed to be carrying suspicious items in their luggage must take further steps of customs inspection, according to the department.

The application of the new system will also reduce the pressure on customs officers and they will have more time to focus on handling suspected cases and violations.

Meanwhile, the department will also apply the e-manifest system (a module used by airlines, shipping lines and forwarders for the submission of manifest and shipping documents) at Tan Son Nhat airport.

It is expected that the system will reduce the procedures and time taken on entry, exit or transit procedures. At the same time, customs authorities will apply the electronic chip system for tracking suspicious luggage to ensure strict management, improve efficiency while handling violations and preventing drugs trafficking and illegal weapons transportation across the border.

In a bid to promote reform and modernisation, since the beginning of the year 2017, HCM City’s Customs Department has implemented electronic monitoring procedures under Article 41 of the Customs Law for seaports and airports.

Accordingly, customs authorities and enterprises will connect via information technology systems to exchange data on imported and exported goods during customs clearance at seaports, simplifying procedures and reducing time and costs of enterprises.

Since last year, customs officers have deployed the container scanning system at large ports, such as Cat Lai, VICT port and Phuoc Long ICD, for inspections before exported and imported goods are loaded and unloaded, thereby accelerating the clearance of goods while ensuring strict management of customs.-VNA